There are many misconceptions about employment background checks today. Let’s dispel some of the most common myths, so you can approach your background check with confidence.

As a job seeker, you may need to undergo a background check during the hiring process. This video will help you understand what a background check is, and how to prepare.

  • The Truth About Background Checking
  • Preparing for a Background Check

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Why Do Employers Do Background Checks?

By HireRight

Employers generally do not assume that people applying for jobs are lying on their resumes and job applications–quite the contrary. The background check is often a final step taken by employers to help ensure a sound hiring decision and protect the employer from a number of potential risks.

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What is in a Criminal Record History Background Check?

By HireRight

A criminal record history check is one of the most common elements of an employment background check. In the U.S., for example, a criminal record history background check may include a search of county, state and federal court records for felony and misdemeanor records.

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Employee Background Check FAQs

By HireRight

What is a background check? Many employers in the United States, large and small, conduct some form of an employment background check on their job applicants. As more organizations outside the U.S. look for ways to mitigate workplace risk and implement best practices, adoption of background checking is growing around the world.

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Where Do Employment Background Screening Providers Get Their Information?

By HireRight

Contrary to some common misconceptions about background screening, there isn’t a giant centralized government database that houses information about you that is accessed by commercial background screening companies, and these screeners are not hiding in your bushes or digging in your trash cans to find information on you.

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How Can You Prepare For Your Background Check?

By HireRight

As a job seeker, you may have to undergo a background check during the hiring process. Think of it generally as a verification or confirmation process of information that you have already provided to the employer and a review of public records about you.

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Tips for Expediting

Tips for Expediting Your Background Check

By HireRight

Depending on nature and scope, the average employment background check usually takes approximately two to four business days to complete, but could take longer for a variety of reasons, such as when past employers or schools or other sources are slow to respond.

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