Can I Dispute the Results of My Employment Background Check?

By HireRight

dispute background reportReputable employment background screening companies make every reasonable effort to deliver accurate background reports – not only because they are legally required to do so, but also because they know that quality and accuracy are paramount to their reputation.

With certain exceptions for regulated transportation employers, if an employer determines that there is an element of the applicant’s background check report performed by a third party background screening company that may cause the employer not to hire the applicant, the FCRA requires the employer to provide the applicant with a copy of their background check report, along with a summary of the applicant’s legal rights, prior to making any adverse hiring decision based in part or in whole on that information contained in the background report.  This generally is referred to as “pre-adverse action” notification. This process is designed to protect the applicant by allowing them an opportunity to review the accuracy of their background report that the employer may be relying on.

In the event that the applicant then identifies an inaccuracy in their background report, the applicant has the right to file a dispute with the screening company.  The screening company is required to have a process in place so that the applicant can easily file their dispute and, if justified, have their report corrected.

If you find any information in your background report to be incomplete or inaccurate, you may request a correction by contacting the background screening company directly and in the manner indicated by the company (usually via phone or web-site). Under the FCRA, the background screening company generally has 30 days to reinvestigate and address the dispute, but background screening companies typically try to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible for both the applicant and their prospective employer.

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